Can you generate a list of links on a page?

weedwomanJuly 12, 2005

I am maintaining the website of a non-profit. I didn't create the original site, but I'm keeping the calendar up to date, putting in notices for special events, and general housekeeping stuff. I've just been using Notepad and the editor on the hosting site.

It would be really helpful to have a list of links on each page - is there a program out there that will look at a page (or a website) and make a list of all the links to other pages, images, mailto, nextpage, etc.? Do programs like Frontpage and Dreamweaver do this? Or are there shareware or inexpensive utilities you can download? Doesn't seem like it would be too hard to make up a program to generate a little database, and it would sure make it easier to keep track of things. (Like the 18 places scattered around the website where it says 'contact Mimi for more information', and Mimi quit 6 months ago and two other people have had that job since then...) I'm really not in the mood to sit down and slog though the whole site doing it by hand, but I think I'm going to have to.



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Adobe GoLive CS does this very well in the site management section.

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Xenu Link Sleuth does exactly this.

It tests each link and can give you a report listing all links, broken or not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Xenu Link Sleuth

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I downloaded Xenu and it does some of the things I want; but it doesn't do a page by page listing. Or at least if it does I haven't found it yet. Although even the list for the whole site is quite helpful.

And it looks like Adobe GoLive would probably do it, but I'm just using Notepad and the editor on the hosting site to write the html right now - I don't want to buy anything. Since I'm working with an existing website it isn't that hard, and after I looked into it I decided it was easier to just learn html than to try to learn to use one of those big programs. One thing at a time.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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Play with the options and reports, because I know Xenu does it.

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You could get HTMLed32 it is easy to learn and helps a lot over notepad. It's free. Also another free and much more versatile editor program for both editing and ftp isw also free and has a lot of support on line named HTML - KIT. This one will also convert html to xml or xhtml.

Dave Warner

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Please be careful when downloading HTMLed32. Some versions have virus attached. Download it and scan it before running it. I downloaded 3 versions before finding a clean one. It has the same feel and flexability as notepad with added tools specifically for HTML

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