Black laminate floor

choletteAugust 28, 2012

I have been looking at laminate floor for my new house. I was looking through some close outs and found some charcoal/black laminate floor at a great price.It is starting to grow on me. Any one have black floors? What do you think?

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You'd have to be a complete masochist to live with black floors. They would never ever look clean and you'd either be continually dust mopping, or give up and let them look always dirty.

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Run, run fast AWAY from black flooring of any kind. It's beautiful for about 5 minutes after you hand clean it (hands and knees- water marks & dust spots show). You will grow to hate it so fast...

We had black amtico tiles laid in kitchen of our house (hubby picked it out). That tile, at the time, was more expensive than the whole rest of the house combined (berber carets, decent sheet vinyl- don't judge, it was over 20 years ago). The black needed to be waxed weekly to look it's best. I'd spend one entire weekend every single month stripping OFF that same wax. Ended up putting cheap parquet tile over it.

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Black Laminate flooring is stain- and fade-resistant and has a tendency to repel water. It's an extremely hard and durable surface, but it is possible to scratch it. It's not possible to repair the actual scratches when they occur, so be sure to buy extra material with your initial purchase and hold onto it in case you'll need it later.

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I have to disagree. I had DuPont Real Touch laminate planks that mimic black slate tile installed in my kitchen this summer and I love it. I replaced ceramic tile which to me never looked clean no matter how often I mopped. I am very happy with mine.

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