Stiff neck all the time

catherinetMay 8, 2008

Hi all,

For about 2 months now, my neck has been sore/stiff. Its only when I turn my head side to side.

I have fibromyalgia, so maybe its that, but it just never goes away. I think its my muscles being stiff, but its just strange that it never changes.

Any ideas? suggestions? Thanks.

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I have the same problem. I have found that my recovery time is shorter if I go ahead and follow my normal exercise routine despite the pain. I also feel along my neck for the really sore spots and then press hard on them - yes it is very, very painful. I also will rub the area with a cream made with cyclobenzaprine. Getting a professional massage helps, but it an expensive way to go.

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Thanks devorah,
Its always nice to talk to people who also have fibro. (I think you said you have it, right?)
I think it will eventually pass. I have alot of problems that come and go. its really strange.
I saw something at the drug store today that looked interesting. It is a neck pillow that heats up and vibrates. I like the heat part, but vibrating stuff seems to cause me to feel tingly the whole rest of the day, which I don't like.
What kind of neck exercises do you think might help? I know my DH has some pinched nerves in his neck, and he's supposed to look to the left and hold it, and then look to the right and hold it.
This feels more like a muscle thing that a nerve thing though.
Its so hard when I drive and have to turn my head to look behind. I can hardly do it.
Thanks devorah.

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Just a son has a stiff neck problem from time to time. His work is at a computer and he found that he was holding his head in one position all the time. He has to remind himself to move it about more.

Maybe you have been doing the same thing? I have found that I do, because of the type of eyeglasses I have. There is one position where they work best. I tend to keep my head exactly in that spot.

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Hi Catherine,

Yes, I do have fibro. I lift weights (small weights)and I do side to side movement with my neck. Neither of those seem to prevent my getting a stiff neck, but they do help to relieve it though it hurts like the dickens at first.

My stiff necks are often brought on by having my arms above my shoulders. Shopping where the clothes are hung on high racks can do it and so can pruning if it is above my head. When I was younger, playing a racket sport would give me a stiff neck as well. One of the things I am trying to be observant of is where I sit in a meeting. If I have to twist my neck to see the speaker at the top of the table, I will be in great trouble. Last week I had a meeting and managed to snag the bottom of the table so that I never had to look sharply from one side or the other and I walked away from the meeting feeling just fine.

I am not allowed to take any anti-inflammatories because I have kidney disease. Cyclobenzaprine both in pill form and ointment helps a lot. The pills are very inexpensive(3 cents)but the ointment is expensive ($37.50)but lasts me a long time. My rheumatologist gave me the prescription.

Lyrica might work to prevent a stiff neck. I have had samples of Lyrica and like that it puts me to sleep, but the side effects - particularly the weight gain - keep me from filling my prescription.

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Thanks Devorah,
We sure have to figure things out for ourselves, don't we?
Its really an illness where each one of us has to customize all of our treatment.
I began using CPAP last year, and its helped alot with my fatigue, but I still have alot of other funky, inexplicable weirdnesses!
I can be doing fine, and out of the blue, everything turns to poop. sure wish I knew why.
I also can't take NSAIDS, because of my stomach. I could take 1 a month.....but my esophagus feels it as soon as I take it. Too would be nice to get some relief, especially when I try to garden.
Good luck to you devorah!

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I feel for you. I never had fibro. but had chronic fatique real bad so I understand that part. I also suffered for years with an unexplained bad neck/shoulder/back thing. Rehab worked a little, as did massages but the thing that I think really semi-cured it was when I cut out drinking cola drinks. A friend of mine said it was often the build up of some sort of acid that is in coke that often contributes to back and neck pain. It's the same stuff I think they 'massage' out of you. Maybe someone knows the exact name. Anyway, have you tried cutting out Coke?

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Don't have fibromyalgia but know many women who do.Don't want to scare you with my story but in case it helps you...Usually a general doctor will suggest an x-ray to check out osteoarthritis and a bone problem, if he(she) doesn't think it's neuralgia from the wind & drafts,air conditioner,open car window.Sometimes muscle relaxants are prescribed but they can make you whoozy.My x-ray showed some osteo but not enough to cause the pain.A scan was ordered after trying muscle relaxants but showed the same osteoarthritis.In some rare cases,like mine,it can go from the neck to shoulder,elbow,wrist,upper back & down the other side over months.My doctor didn't know but the physiotherapist I consulted told me paralysis was starting so get to emergency.After 2 weeks in hospital,all kinds of tests & scans,it was diagnosed as Parsonage-Turner Syndrome,rare, one in 10,000,or amythropic brachial neuralgia.I had a lymphoma in 2004 so the chemo & radiation were blamed for nervous system vulnerabilities.Now since 2 years,I have neuroptahies in my feet & legs so they say-not from cancer & not Parsonage so more tests!My neck pain was in May 2004 started with headache,ended in Bell's Palsy,all on right side,like neck pain.Hope my case is an isolated one because it's cost a lot in time,money,physio,drugs,tried acupuncture,chiro,cream-no change.The main symptom is burning which is helped a little in my case by the antidepressant Gabapentin or Neurontin,yet I don't have epilepsy nor clinical depression. Too much info I know but just in case someone else has some of these symptoms...

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I would suggest you have an xray and cat scan of your neck. I have degeneration in the 7 discs in my neck and I get pain as you describe. I also have limitations in the movement of my neck. I don't have fibro. Just a thought.

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I used to get this with stress. Getting aligned by my chiropractor and taking a daily walk took care of the problem. I wish you well!

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I painted a ceiling yesterday. I could never have done that before I started working with weights. My head would have been stuck to my shoulder for a long, painful month. I was amazed at how I held up. I am taking care of my grandchildren this weekend and I am not worried about carrying them up and down stairs and that too astonishes me.

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Stress is a major cause of a stiff neck. My Sis and have both had problems with it. I am single now so most of my stress is gone. LOL There is a treatment that is used on athletes, it is vibrating (machine) massage of some kind, feels like tiny electric shocks. It completely did away with my stiffness, my Sis said it was a miracle.

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