mass over ovary

amazingcmMay 26, 2005

I know you aren't doctors but has anyone had any experience like this DD#2 has been being treated for an Ovarian Cyst for 3 or 4 months now she has been hurting for a lot longer.

So after 2 rounds of antibiotics they sent her to get Ultra Sounds Regular and Vaginal on Tuesday... Now they all come back that everything in the Ovaries and Uterus are fine... But they see a large (thick) fluid filled mass above her right Ovarie... Now they are wanting to do a Cat Scan. What could this be? I hate having supposely grown daughters they don't ask enough questions?? And the doctor would only talk to her on the phone with results.. You no confidentiality and all...


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Grace -
It could be anything from an extension of the cyst to an alien from Mars growing in there.

Waiting is hard, but we'd be just guessing.

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