Say a prayer for this little boy

blackcat333September 28, 2004

I first noticed this family while searching on EBay about a year ago. They were selling to pay their son's medical bills. It seems the boy is now nearing the end, and I can't even imagine what they are going through. The whole "about me" page is heartbreaking.

If the link doesn't work, the seller's name is newmommy37.

Please say a little prayer for them.

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I just read thru some of this...its almost like she has kept a diary of sorts. How heartbreaking this must be - I cant imagine the struggle this family must be enduring. I will certainly send prayers...


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We can send prayers, but no money. these often turn into scams.

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I hope everyone understood I was not asking to send these people money. I have not.

I think the prayers are worth more than the money, anyway. :)

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