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cpoveyJune 25, 2005


First time in this forum, but long time THS user, mostly in appliances and kitchens.

Lots of experience (>25 years) in computers, starting with punch cards, Fortran, and Cobol. Most of my experience is hardware, not software.

I now work for a small company, doing several things, including being in charge of computers and networking. We have a web site, and it looks pretty nice, but it doesn't show up well in the search engines. It's all in Flash.

What I am trying to say is that I guess it's time I learned to design a web site. We are NOT trying to do online ordering or anything more interactive than including e-mail links and downloadable PDF's. It's a high-end catering company, and we want to introduce people to us, provide menu's, present lots of pictures of events, and the like.

I have the Adobe Publishing collection. I am very comfortable with PageMaker and InDesign. I can usually get done what I want in PhotoShop. But GoLive is a big puzzle to me.

I want to make a fairly simple, yet attractive site that will cause people to send us an e-mail or to pick up the phone. I want it to show up well and near the top in the search engines. I want it to be reliable with most browsers. I want to include the menu's (food menu's that is) in both text format for screen use and in PDF format for downloading. That's it. Nothing really fancy.

Books or web sites on designing web sites that I can use to accomplish this goal would be extremly appreciated. Suggestions on where to look for some sort of short course on web design would also be wonderful.

Thanks, in advance.


Here is a link that might be useful: Delectables Fine Catering, Inc.

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Hi Colin,

My favorite HTML book is "HTML - Read Less, Learn More". It has the code you need plus screen shot examples. It is straight to the point, find what you need and get that topic all in one page.

Since moving on to a WYSIWYG program for my web design, NetObjects Fusion, I no longer write in raw code, only on occasion when needed.

I just looked on and found it new for $2.75. It is in the new/used section. ISBN# 0764534718


Here is a link that might be useful: Find this book at

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Oh, forgot to include this. META tags are great for webcrawlers to find your website, by putting in keywords that describe your website (ie, catering, catering services in Florida). You can also add the discription of your website using META tags, like what you read when you do a google and see the discription of what the website is about. All of this is hidden in the code and does not appear on your webpages.


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META tags will probably not do the job. Google and the like ignore them (and for good reason, I could type whatever I wanted in there whether my page was about it or not), instead their bots scan the actual content of the page. This puts flash sites at a disadvantage because the content cannot be read.

In my opinion, flash is a useful tool in creating multimedia applications and presentations but it should NEVER have been used for web pages. It not only keeps the page from being indexed correctly in search engines, but keeps the pages from being able to be viewed by users with disabilities (those using aural, braille, or text based browsers).

If you are just learning web design, I recommend getting a book on XHTML (eXtensible HTML) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The w3c (Wolrd Wide Web Consortium) has listed these as the standards for web content and design respectively. By using CSS to describe ALL of your design parameters you allow greater access to the content of you site.

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you really really need to go and look around here
and def. here for sure
and where you really need to go.....
click the link.....

Here is a link that might be useful: web authoring site for everthing

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