What alternative/complimentary health care products do

VangyMay 18, 2006

you use and why? What testimonies do you have of their effectiveness for improved health for yourself or others.

A year ago, 4 stents were planted in my heart. Without health/perscription insurance, at 65, and Dr. perscribed medications costing over $500 a month, all w/ bad side effects, I chose to go with alternative medication.

We had received a flier in the email for a product to clean blood veinsof plaque blockage. It had other products w/ it as a package deal. No thank you.

I did an altlernative med search and found a good product to do the same, from a "one product driven company".

We take other "people direct" sold products as well. A miracle neutralizer that is multi beneficial; glyconutritionals that help the body heal itself. Most recently I started taking a mangosteen product from the origninal producer of the health drink made from the whole mangosteen fruit. The company has set the "originatal category" for mangosteen as a health drink w/ substantial healing properties. I sleep better, get up less often to visit the porcelain pond, my legs hurt less in the night pluss.......

Alternative/complimentatry health products do not come with a long list of bad side effects either.

And, the pharmeceutical companies would love to put all vitamin companies, and alternative/complimentary product companies out of business because they loose BIG $$$$'s when we use/benefit greatly from them.

I am a home health care giver w/ nearly 13 years experience and excellant references. The lady I currently care for usually drink a bottle of mangosteendaily in 24 hours or less. She likes the taste and the great health benefits it is giving her.

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Here's an interesting article of mangosteen juice

Here is a link that might be useful: Mangosteen juice

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Thats funny, lazygardens already posted that link in another thread, go there to see the reply. And you really should not knock something untill you try it OR talk to someone who has!
There are plenty of skeptics out there about MANY things, but plenty more out there that are greatfull they did not listen to them!

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