Hardwood flooring from big orange

homeboundJuly 27, 2012

Is Bruce hardwood flooring at the big box stores an inferior grade compared to buying Bruce flooring from another source?

I bought twp boxes (40 sf.) of oak, I think the finish was called "Marsh", for a 30 sf. walk-in closet and the left-overs were basically all my reject boards. There were way too many short pieces, as well as "ugly" boards. A few had dark water staining in the grain, a few others with knotty edges, etc. What's up? Thanks.

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Big box stores get all the reject wood. Like you said your reject boards were just as suspected. Generally your going to get those rejects in any box from any place big box store or other. But big box stores generally get the less favorable wood.

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I was the district mgr for Bruce for many yrs. There are times when the products at the box stores are the same as anyone else. There are other times when the wood HD sells may have a lower level of grading however there shouldn't be more than 10% waste in any box. Normally at time HD offers a good value on the product.

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Thanks for the replies. This wasn't the first time I had issues, though I don't do flooring too often. I recall past boxes of Bruce from HD that had crayon markings on the boxes, and even marks on some boards. I didn't see those box markings this time so I took the plunge. For a closet is was "ok", but still a pain as I tried to put the longest boards (i.e lesser number of joints) in the center of the closet.

At least there were few warped boards this time.

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HD operates on 'price point.'

If you want to sped less and do not care at all about quality or lifespan they may be acceptable for you.

I use them for rental house repairs, rarely for anything beyond commodity goods in small quantities for my personal residence.

I had a friend who was very impressed they would cut and thread black pipe for gas work in the store to exact length.

Until he tried to get the joints to seal.
Evey one had been over-cut so that the end of the pipe bottomed out before the tapered threads came up tight.

After an afternoon in his hot attic trying to get the joints sealed he came over and borrowed my 'old fashioned' drop head die, handle, and threading stand.

I did make him purchase his own cutting oil (and not from HD).

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Most mfg's state anything over 5% will be replaced BUT once installed that is accepted and they will do nothing.

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