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love2weedJune 20, 2005

We own a small business and a couple of years ago I attempted a website with a host company (Homestead). I really never was satisfied, but at the time it walked me through. That was a few years ago and I would really like to have a bells and whistles website. We are paying about 20 bucks a month for this host. We really don't mind paying the fee. But I was wondering if there are any other companies that offer similar services. I need something easy.

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What does the website have to do for you?
Do you need to be able to accept credit cards and complete transactions?
Or do you want it to be an on-line showcase?
What kind of "small business" are you running?

Can you define "bells and whistles"? Remember that the objective of the website is NOT to show off web tricks, it is to sell product.

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Ok, cut and paste this to your browsers' address window and go here.....

hope it's what you're looking for

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I am making my own site, its taking me forever! I wish I started with os commerce but I hated their style. You can look at my site, but BEWARE its not done.
I wish I could make a database for it, it would be easier, every item has its own page, its taking me forever! anyone know of a better way? I have about 900 products to list.


Here is a link that might be useful: my site

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Very nice look about it. Since you are using Apache you probably can have a MySql database available as well. That can be the basis of generating pages. Does your hosting service charge more for that? Are you coding the php yourself?

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