Nora, how are you?

sharleeSeptember 3, 2005


Have been thinking of you lately. I now miss my Mom, also. I feel sadness as to how her life was, but happy she is with the Lord. Since she & Dad passed away just three weeks apart there is an emptiness altho' it's being filled with their pictures & memories I have. Think of your Dad out in the garden. Puttering in the yard gives me so much comfort now that I can understand how he must feel. It's the simple things in life I truly enjoy & appreciate.

My DH who brought his 95yr old mother from Nashville, TN last Dec. wants to go back in October to clean out a camping cabin he built in Crossville & visit friends. He will driving back in a pickup he has there & I'm thinking of taking the trip with him. He showed me the route he has taken in the past & it would be by way of Missouri. Uncertain just where you're located, but I've never seen that area. Wondering if we could meet somewhere as October gets closer. It's a thought. I just want to enjoy what I have & let life take me where I'm meant to go. We both are so concerned on what's happening in New Orleans & praying about how we can help.

My e-mail address is: if you care to reply personally.

Thank you. Sharlee

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Hello Sharlee, You sound like you are doing o.k. Time does help and having memories does ease the loss. I had a really bad day Sunday....when I go down to Mom and Dad's apartment and she "simply isn't there" hit me. Knowing they are with our Lord is our comfort....but we all have to go thur this grief. My Dad is keeping busy...he has cleaned up his garden....I do not look forward to the winter will be so hard for him. I tried sending you 2 e-mails....this computer is acting up and I don't know if they went on my page here and send me an e-mail to let me know. It would be so great if we could meet. I have been praying about what I could do....just haven't got the money to take off and go to Houston...well...DH and I went to our group meeting of Emmaus friends and one of our local churches...large church...will be getting in 150 people from HOuston....a friend told us of all the things that will be am taking over Mom's wheel-chair to their church,bedding,food and personnel items....also a local pastor I know is going to Houston and is in need of things...I am going to voluntee to help out at the church. They will be feeding them 3 meals a day and I am sure that this will be for a long time....heard on T.V. this person said...all that is needed is...."to give and to serve"...I thank the Lord that I will be able to do this close to home. Take care and please let me hear from you...hope my e-mail went thur. God Bless and praying for you. Nora

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