Sugar Question

firemanswifeMay 23, 2006

This is the second time this has happened to me so I'm a little freaked out.

This morning when I got to work I bought a Sprite from the vending machine and I had a little bag of Hot Tamale candies that I brought from home. Over the morning I drank about half of my Sprite and had a handful of the candies and all of a sudden I felt really funny. A little light headed and dizzy. It's now mid-afternoon and I still feel this way. It's not as bad but I still feel funny. I very rarely eat sugar but this morning it just sounded good and I never gave it another thought.

About a month ago we were at a friends house for dinner and I had a pop with dinner and then for dessert my DH and I split a brownie and within minutes I felt the same way I do today. Just really light headed and dizzy.

I am terrified it's the start of diabetes. I am going to call and make an apt. to see my doctor.

Any ideas what this could be?

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Sugar overload?

Concentrated sweets can cause your body to produce adrenaline, which burns sugar FAST, and then you have a brief drop in blood sugar and get dizzy.

Avoid sweets, especially soda pop.

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I am going to have to give up soda completely, I felt so awful. It finally went away around 2:30 but after that I had the worst headache I think I have ever had. It was awful. I am drinking a huge bottle water today and I have a yogurt for my treat! It's just not worth taking that chance agian.

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