you should be proud of your little 'pister'

liannecookSeptember 7, 2008

is what she said as she turned to me in the back seat of our parents car, on the way home from an evening out "learning to bowl", i remember she'd managed to get a strike...born all of 376 days after me the card she presented me with on my 30th bday read "nah-nah, i'm younger than you are" i knew at that moment that she was gonna get me at my 50th...only she won't because our bdays are the same month in autumn and because she passed away from multiple myeloma/plasma cell leukemia in the wee small hours of a crystal clear summer day and because life is unfair (altho she had waaaay more grey hairs than me nah-nah) but you must make the most of it because life really does go on...even tho you cry every day and wish it would just STOP and feel the hurt you also have faith that one day, when you're laughing at a memory, you will feel peace in your heart too

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very well said...oddly enough, I've found that the more memories you have to laugh at, the less time it takes before the laughter starts to win out over the least most of the time.

it will be the nyah-nyah's that linger, and memories really are immortality, aren't they?

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