FDA on aspirin

d0ugMay 23, 2014

The FDA just recommended a new restriction on the use of aspirin.
Now the cat-dog fight starts. The doctors all line up to there old standards and say no don't change anything the whole world needs to take drugs. They start listing the ailments you might get if you don't use their drugs like myocardial infarction which the CDC recognized is a deficiency in selenium but don't take selenium use aspirin. Congested heart problems were cured by a Japanese Naval surgeon that found vitamin B1 deficiency was the reason but don't take that use drugs [aspirin].
The FDA 50 years ago was in line with the American Heart Association now that has changed I guess they are not getting paid enough.
American Heart Association [AHA] was not well financed. Than came along Proctor and Gamble a company selling a grease use for machinery and making soap during the WW2 and wanted to sell it as food they help with over a million dollars which at that time was a lot of money to make the AHA to become very power full and now we eat the machinery grease called Crisco.
All these doctors have not lowered the deaths from heart problems it is still #2 killer.
Change what they are doing never even if it does not work. They will never admit maybe they are wrong.

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Really interesteing info. Thanks for sharing :)

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