copying and pasting from email link

donnas_gwJune 8, 2008

My computer will not let me do this, and it is now advised because of phishing and misleading links. First, I high-light the link in my email and click "copy". I then go to Edit to click on "paste", but the little cursor thingy disappears, not allowing "paste" to be highlighted so I can click on it. Any other type of copy and pasting, I have no trouble doing, just the email links. Is it something I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

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Have you ever tried right-clicking on the link, for in the right-click shortcut menu, a "copy link address or location" shall be there. Clicking on this lets you copy the url of the link easily without highlighting the same.

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I've right clicked on the link and clicked on "copy shortcut". I then put the cursor in the address bar to paste it, BUT, the link ends up here in this little message box that I'm replying to you from instead of in the address bar. I've never had this trouble before. Why is it going into this message box instead of the address bar?

Now, when I'm trying to do this outside of this message box (or website):

The cursor moves away from the address bar after clicking on "edit", meaning that anything under "edit" is not highlighted to click on. Very confusing to me.

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Most probabaly it is a virus and you might need to do a virus scan. If that does not help, uninstall and then re-install your mouse, might be the drivers are corrupted.

Does this happen only in Internet Explorer or in other browsers also? It can be that IE is corrupted and you need to re-install that.

Do revert back. :)

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I was right-clicking on "copy shortcut" like you said, but left-clicking on "edit" to paste. When left-clicking on "edit" didn't work, I tried right-clicking. Now I can get the link pasted in the address bar instead of in this message box.

We have virus protection, and also Windows Defender which is ran daily at 2:00 am. I've never been told that I had a virus by either, so I'm hoping that left-clicking is all I have to do from now on. Thanks for your help kamaluppal!

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