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shw001May 17, 2009

I Came across this very interesting website that was recommended by a previous poster. Seems legitimate, but too good to be true. www.zennioptical.com

Does anyone have any experience or opintions?

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I may be the one whose post you read. I have purchased two pairs from them, one of them perscription sunglasses and the others are my daily glasses. I have not had any problems with the glasses except that the screws seem to get loose very easily. But then my others did as well.

I had the perscription verified by a local eye glass place and it was correct. I wouldn't hesitate to order more from them.

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I've ordered from them four times, and have five pairs of glasses, all progressives. I paid less for all five pairs than I would have paid for one pair in any local store. I had a couple of screws come a little loose on my rimless glasses, but I tightened them with a small pair of pliers.

I like Zenni because they have a big variety of colors and styles. Buying online makes it affordable to create a small wardrobe of glasses. I'm no longer stuck with one pair in a neutral color that matches everything.

Glassyeyes.com has a lot of information about ordering glasses online, reviews of online retailers, a message board, and a Flickr group photo pool with pictures of some of the members with their online glasses.

Here is a link that might be useful: glassyeyes

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Thanks. I will give it a try and post back my experieince.

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