Hearing aids!!

jim_1 Zone 5B IllinoisMay 22, 2014

I confess that I have had hearing aids for more than 15 years (current age 68).

I just got a new set the other day and they provided (free of charge - HA!) a package of batteries. They had the company name on them and they are crap. They don't last long and there is no way I will buy from the folks who sell me the instruments. (For those who don't have them, the pros prefer to call them hearing instruments - go figure.)

For those of you who have them...where do you buy your batteries and why?


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Ain't getting old fun? NOT!

I see batteries everywhere, Costco and Walgreen's and Target. I'd shop by price, they are all the same brand names. And no, none of them last very long. Just dispose of them properly.

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I see definite differences in batteries. So does Consumer Reports. I like Costco (Kirkland) batteries a lot and also like the Amazon ones. I do NOT like Memorex at all, and am not crazy about Panasonics. The two biggies, Eveready and Duracell, are good if I can find a good sale Would never buy any from a Dollar Store. In years past...before I learned a thing or two..I had a battery ruin a wall clock I particularly liked by leaking acid.

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I used to get my batteries wherever I found them the cheapest until I repeatedly got burned at Kmart. It seemed every time I purchased my batteries there they would die within a day or two or not work from the get-go! I feel so stupid saying this but I didn't know batteries had expiration dates and - you guessed it - when I got a bad batch, I'd check the dates and they were close to expiring. I avoid the packages that say "8 extra!" because that's usually a warning sign they're getting rid of them. I get my batteries from CVS now, and I check the expiration dates to be sure they aren't close to the expiration date. I don't have many issues now.

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I've had my hearing aids for almost a year now.
And yes, they came with a package of batteries.
(I don't remember if there was a name on them or not.)
The Audiologist said batteries would last "5 or 6 days".
And they did, exactly.
When they ran out, I bought Eveready (at Walmart),
They last 10 days.
I tried Duracell once, exact same 10 days.
(Yes, I keep track of things like that).
I'm sure they would last longer,
But I wear mine all day every day.

I have no ideas about any other brands,
But I will stick with Eveready,
They are a bit cheaper than the Duracell.
Or whichever of the two might have a good sale on.


Correction: I checked on my batter supply,
The brand I use is Ray-O-Vac, not Eveready.
I don't believe I've tried the Eveready.
I have always thought of the Ray-O-Vac
as being a "lesser" brand,
So was surprised when Duracell proved to be
not one bit better.

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