2nd anniversary Today

DarrylsMomSeptember 27, 2006

Today is Darryl's 2nd anniversay. They say time heals all wounds only a little i would say. I remember coming here for the first time and posting with such a heavy heart. I read the replys with such appreciation. One said your long road has just begun not meant to be uncaring i knew. How true, you have to live it to know. Darrlys memory will live forever . I just want to say a huge Thank You to everyone here. I come here often on bad days and good. I don't always post but read often. I will get by this sad day with my children and family, my oldest daughter is in the hospital today trying to save another finger. My youngest daughter as always is our rock!. Then waiting for the day to come is always the worst. Darryls sons continue to bring us much happiness. Thanks again Darlene

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My prayers are with you today and always. I know it is hard as I have lost a mother(20 years ago) and a daughter-in-law (just a few months ago at age 28). I hope and pray things will get easier as time goes on but right now I realize it is just so hard. Prayers are with you. May God Bless.

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I hope that each year from the date of your dear son's death will become a little more bearable for you. You will always have ups and downs, but continue to appreciate the ones who are here. I can tell that you do that. The rest of the family will continue to bring you joy and help fill the gap.

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Grieve and keep your faith. Know that others understand and they do say prayers. My best heartfelt wishes to you and yours.


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