Strip flooring with unusual cross section

ferretbeeJuly 1, 2014

I'm renovating a small 1890's house and need to patch and refinish about 700 sq/ft of strip flooring. It looks like red oak, and measures 3/8 inch thick x 2 inches wide. It does not have a traditional tongue and groove but has a bevel joint instead:

Has anyone run across this type of flooring before? Someone was concerned about wavy joints if the sanding isn't kept very even.

I have not found any source for flooring with this type of joint, but can sacrifice the upstairs hallway to make my patches and then install regular tongue and groove in the hall.

Does anyone have a reasonable source for 3/8" x 2" (or even 2-1/4") unfinished red oak flooring on the East coast? I'm located in Northeastern PA.

Thanks in advance,

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Take a picture of the face and i can get a better look and tell you the species.

Finding old style flooring like that will be tricky and depends on how much money you want to spend.

For starters i would call a local pro. You dont have to hire him to do the work but he will have a larger resource in finding that type of wood or maybe point you in the right direction.

If money isnt an issue you could always have new stuff specially milled.

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You just need that profile on the 'starter' edge, the rest could be regular tounge and groove? Right?

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What I need for my project is a source for 3/8" thick by x 2" (or 2-1/4") wide unfinished tongue and groove Red Oak flooring near PA.

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I removed my hall floor today and looked more closely at the stamping on the back. It's marked 'CROMAR FACTORY FINISHED FLOORING, THE CROMAR CO, WILLIAMSPORT PA, Reg US PAT 6-10-19, 9-1-25.

A quick search on google for 'Cromar Flooring' had some interesting results from old newspapers and trade publications.

I found one of the patents:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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How fun to do some historical sleuthing. Those oddities are both the magic and the challenge of old homes!

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