cataract surgery

emmaMay 6, 2013

Can you have a cataract removed without having a replacement lens put in? Can you still see properly? Will you need coke bottle lenses? My sis is going to do that because she thinks they will not last long and she had a terrible problem with the first removal and blamed it on the implanted lens. I think she just had a bad surgeon.

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I don't think you can have cataract removed & not put in corrective lens. Both my parents had the surgery & dad's 1st 1 made things worse in that eye, 2nd surgery with different dr. & he could see birds, mountains, trees, air planes, He loved his "new"sight! Mom had both eyes done & helped her vision a lot, it has been several yrs now & I think she could use new eye glasses.. She could use better lighting in some areas of house too. Getting a good surgeon makes all the difference. So ask around & see who is really good & also try checking dr. out on the Internet.

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Sunny I have 2 sisters who really hate doctors, they think they can heal themselves with herbs. They think all doctors want is money and won't go unless they absolutely have to. My youngest told me she had bugs in her eyes and wouldn't go to an eye doctor until her son forced her to. It was a retina detaching.

I have had some doctors I didn't like because they push drugs on me when I tell them I won't take them, they also lied to me about side effects. I started looking for one who lets me make my own decisions, I found him. If I have a problem he suggests something and is okay with my decision not to take them.

I am a very high risk for cataract removal in my left eye. My optometrist told me we are lucky to have some of the best eye surgeons in the country here in our city. I didn't like the first one who evaluated my eyes. When I asked the odds of my surgery being successful he said 50 and 10%, then changed the subject and didn't explain the numbers. He sounded like a used car salesman. The next surgeon I went to told me exactly why I was high risk and said my chances of a success were 85% but also advised me to put it off until "I" felt it was time to do it. My optometrist will dilate my eyes every year and make sure I don't wait to long.

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