eeg ???

ysop1016May 22, 2008

A good friend is having an EEG and was told not to sleep the night before. Why is that? What is involved and how long does it take?


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Take a look at the site I have given below. I think it will answer your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: EEG testing

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Thank you, Agnes. Wonder why they just don't do the EEG at night?

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They do some of them at night if it is for a sleep study. However, for many, they want and need, a full staff available for patient preperation, administration, records, reading, etc. Not to mention, that it would require more of the building open to the public during those hours. Think of the security involved. Even the parking lot would require more care if more cars were parked there at night. Doing a general EEG at night would make it cost a bundle more.

Hospitals and medical offices are just like everywhere else. Not everyone wants to work nights.

If it were the BEST time to do one, you can be assured that somehow, a way would be found to do it then.

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