unusual foot problem---only WITH sandals

amy_z6_swpaMay 14, 2007

99% of people and/or references tell me that wearing sandals is the solution for foot odor. Well I have the complete OPPOSITE problem. The only time I HAVE foot odor is WHEN I wear sandals. All my adult life. It does not matter if they are leather, cotton, plastic, bamboo, whatever. Wearing them makes my feet sweat and stink, and the sandals stink. I have to wash my feet immediately if I remove my sandals, so they won't smell, but the sandals do until they have a chance to air out. Quite embarrassing...and in summer sandals are a must! Especially right now while I'm in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy with daily swollen feet!

When I wear socks and shoes, my feet NEVER have any odor.

What on earth can I do?

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I'd get some new shoes. Once odor is in pad of the shoe -- doesn't matter if they are sandles or tennis shoes --- it's hard to get rid of. Try some Crocs that you can wash in the shower with you.

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