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wanda_illinoisJune 25, 2003

I was hoping that someone could tell me how to post music on a message board. I am new to this, but I have finally learned how to post pictures.

To post music, do you need to have it downloaded somewhere, or can you link to a midi site?

Also, is it possible to embed music in your email, I have aol. I have put music in my email as an attachment, but would like to have it play when opened.

I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this, if not, could someone tell me which forum could help me.

Thanks, Wanda

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No, in fact, it is not possible to post music to a forum or email music. First of all you need to create an mp3 and even so the file size is too big for email. I did once email an mp3, but it was only 6 seconds long, because if it is longer the file size is too big for the server. You are thinking about file sharing music which is actually not really safe in my opinion, but there are a number of music sharing sites that you can use. Kazaa is the most popular right now. If you want to ask further about file sharing music, the computer help forum is the place to post that quesiton.

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Hi Wanda, yes, you can post music to these forums and your e-mail (depending on which program you use). I'm at work right now, but later tonight when I'm at home I'll post the code you need to put music with your post. I'll also give you directions on including music with your e-mails when using OE.
I wouldn't suggest mp3's as they are way too big, but most people use midi files for this purpose.

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please post the super secret midi code !!! thanks

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The Embed code for Netscape looks like this:

If you just want the play and stop buttons to show, use the code like this:

You can hide the console alltogether with code like this:

To Embed MIDI files for Internet Explorer to play, use the code below.
You will probably want to embed the song using both methods:

You can change how many times the song loops.

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If you do it on a public forum, you can fully expect a lot of complaints. I do not like having people cram their idea of music into my modem. It's a waste of my connection time, and an abuse of my ears.

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Thanks MaryAnn. You're terrific!!

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Yes I agree with lazygardens, unless its just a snippet of a song or some sound effect under about 10kb it wouldn't be a nice thing to force on others. Some people don't even have their volume turned on so its likely a waste of time anyway. In this post I inserted a sound effect of splashing water but its only 6kb.

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I agree with lazygardens. When I go to a website with automatic music I usually don't wait around for it to start. If it loads quickly then I'm okay with it, but most are fairly large files. I suggest if you want music on your website that you also add the controls so the visitor can turn off the music if they want to.

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Well now, she didn't ask permission to do it...she just wanted to know how to do it.

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Ewww.. such a inflammatory, confrontational thing to say. Yes technically that was the question perhaps. If everybody was like Mr. Spock and had no emotion and only thought logically we'd all be in trouble. It would be very easy for a beginner to html to bollix up a forum thread by inserting an over-sized mp3 (or worse yet a wav) into the thread. I'm not saying that she would do that or even do it here at GW forums, but practicing in a personal webpage would be better. There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with asking technical questions in a FORUM - definition:

" fo·rum (fôrÂÂm, f½rÂ-) n., pl. fo·rums also fo·ra (fôrÂÂ, f½rÂÂ). 1.a. The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activity and public business. b. A public meeting place for open discussion. c. A medium of open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper or a radio or television program. 2. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation. 3. A court of law; a tribunal. [Middle English, from Latin. See dhwer- below.] "

experience with the subject, answers, open discussion, anything goes would be my definition of a forum (well except profanity).

And besides MaryAnnTX answered her question real good I thought.

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Patsypie, I was in no way giving or not giving permission. I was just putting in my 2 cents as the thread progressed. Wanda and I are friends and I'll be glad to help her in any way. It's just that some of us live in areas that the only service available is dial-up, and downloading large files can be a real headache.

I just realized that Wanda also ask about inserting music in e-mail. It would depend on which e-mail program you use. I use OE and all you do is click on format, background, sound and browse for your music file on your computer. I don't know anything about AOL.

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Keep in mind that no everyone has browsers or email programs that will let your creations be seen/heard in all their splendiferous glory.

I routinely strip attachments from emails, have the browser set to ignore sound files, and in gweneral see a plain vanilla Internet.

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okay, help me please. 1st question (in the same vein): I have IE, no personal website to link to, and want to find and insert into a post not music, but a sound effect (of a grandfather clock ticking and gonging). I can't do it without my own website to provide a link to, right?

And second Q: let me get this straight - midis are best, correct?


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No you don't need a website, you just need webspace to put the music clip in. With the html code that was posted above you just link to the location of your music clip.
Size is very important if your posting it where other people will hear it. If it takes too long for people to download they'll probably just close it before it gets downloaded. Midis are okay if you like that organlike sound. They are best for length of the clip because they are generally small in file size. Mp3's and wavs are usually only good in forums if you want to use a second or two sound clip because they sound much better but are also much larger files.

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