Fun Background gifs and jpgs

uroboros5June 19, 2006

I made them all myself and posted them on the web for anyone to use.

I hope you like them!

Way Cool Background Gifs

Let me know what you think!

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I have a question about "tables". The more rows, the further down in the post it displays. Know how to get rid of that?

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with one row less:

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and this:

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maybe take out the spaces and make it one contigious string because if you use line breakes or carriage returns here when gardenweb server parses the form data it adds in breaks and suddenly you have added breaks ontop of carriage returns and anyhow view source here and maybe you will see your errors... I changed cf/lf to wrap and removed extra blank spaces =

the background graphics certaily wont work when you link them directly off of someones online site that doesnt allow direct linking.

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thanks Mikie
well, the pics did show in preview and for a while in the final post. Anyway, i suppose using win notepad is the issue. maybe NOBR will help.
I am still not sure how the lf /cr's got inserted before the table; not to mention why the increase of number of rows increased the lf & cr's.
OK, i see, by using a cr after a TD line or TR, these get inserted before the table! just weird, thats all.

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word wrap in notepad was on...

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No, i think the question was about why does it show a long space before the actual table and the reason, I think, is because of the way this forum works, it's counting the tag as a line in an attempt to make ordinary text posts here more WYSIWYG. You might try to put your table , row and cell tags all on one line and see if that makes a difference.

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