Submitting sites to search engines

ivamaeMay 7, 2004

How long after I submit my site to search engines can I expect them to be listed? Thanks

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Which search engines?

And it can also depend on how well the site is constructed.

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Every search engine is different.
I now have 29 pages on google. It took a long time.
You need links to your page for google.
Or links like THS that will link you to google.

Here is a link that might be useful: This may help you.

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Just curious, but I've never sent my websites to any search engine, yet they sometimes come up in the results when I try searching for my own pages on a search engine. How did they get there, if I never gave them any info.?

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"How did they get there, if I never gave them any info"

Someone linked to the page, and the search robot found it from that source. They just follow links.

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Oh ok thanks.

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I've placed my site in particular engines, as well as using a service for placement. Site placement can cost a few bucks but is worth every penny...especially if your hits translate to funding.

It can take a few weeks or a few months depending upon the research the site reviewers must do. Also, if you have competitors for the information you provide, it is vital to pay for placement as most people don't look beyond the first five or six hits that come up on any search engine. Currently is you type "winter sow", into Google I'll come up first, if you type in "winter sowing" I come up third, but looking at the hits they're still talking about the method and driving hits back to my FAQs or the WS Forum itself, so I'm, in a way, competing with myself. This has taken more than placement, but effective keywords, organizational membership, and promotion of a site that provides the content to back it up.

If you want to be top you have to work hard for it....someone will always be nipping at your ankles to take your place in hits. Business is business and the internet is all about business...whether or not you're a .com or .org doesn't matter....hits will always be everything and if you're not on the top of the front page you're not going to make a significant impact. If you can manage it then hire a placement agency, pay the fee, but back it up with content. If people see you have nothing to offer, despite a high ranking, they will not return.

It all comes down to how serious you are...the harder you work at promotion then the higher your rankings and hits are. If you don't make an effort it will reflect in both placement and hits.

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I hadn't submitted to any search engines but my site appeared in major ones like Google after a month. Don't know why. I did put in meta info, though, and tried to put the right doctype.

Here is a link that might be useful: ZealMonline

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Googlebots are everywhere. You're fortunate that with a name like "ZealMonline" you're going to be unique and if you search by the name you're going to be first page. But once you start searching for more common info that's also found on othersites you're likely to still be in the search hits, but it may not be at the front.

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