how do I add an mp3 to a forum post??

SneekersmomMay 10, 2002

I need to know (for a diffrent forum) how to add a mp3 to my post. I would rather if it was not a clickable player, but one that plays automaticly.

I have found codes for midi's but what want to play is a mp3.

is this possible??


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I don't know of any forum that would let you put an mp3 on a post because of the size. Most of our mp3's are anywhere from 3 to 5 mb.

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I agree with Mary Ann , Mps are huge files, but a midi is a small file could you use that? It at least would put the music for it.

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Why would you not want the user to have controls available?

I personally can't stand being forced to listen to music I don't want to hear and usually just close the site and go elsewhere.

Just a thought...


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Sorry, I had this posted in two places!
and forgot to check back here! OOPS!

I hadn't thought about the size of the file!!
And I know all about the size limits, due to the sigs that we post on this particular forum!!
Just didn't put two and two together on that one!!
Now I feel stupid!! DUHHH!!!

MC: I do agree with you about having to listen to music that I don't like on sites and forums.I tend to not go back either.

But this particular forum/BB is a private one for a few of us that play the same online game.
In THIS case it would not have been inappropriate.
And I would have had it on it's own thread, not on the actual forum page.

Thank you all for your input.....
I ended up just posting a link to a Commercial site that had the song there.


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