Have you noticed the lack of traffic here ?

Joanne_57May 8, 2002

I guess I'm just wondering whats going on here in this forum & I'm starting to think that the lack of enthusiasm has something to do with paying membership.

For example:- hasst27 posted a question on Mar 15/02 & it still sits at the top. I'd respond, but I have no knowledge, not even a good guess to help him/her. Whats up here? Perhaps everyone is on holiday or there pc's are down.

Can someone enlighten me ?


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I've noticed the lack of traffic here too. I've had some questions recently as I'm building my first website, using MS Frontpage. Because no one has been using this forum I didn't use it as I thought it wouldn't get an answer. Perhaps this is part of the problem. I also noticed a couple of days ago a question was posted here with no response and on the help forum it recieved several replies.
Next time I'll try here and see what happens.


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Your right there is not much traffic here any more, but I found some great tutorials using the goggle search engine and typing in Frontpage 2000 tutorials, That might be your best bet right now to get the answers you need, plus some one sent me a book on it go by also.
It takes to long to wait when you need some answers fast on a project.

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