Front Page 98 problems!

SusalaMay 7, 2002


I have installed FP98 and am trying to create a new web page but keep getting 'Unable to connect to a server port 80'.

This is frustrating me to NO END! I'm using the default name for the Internet Explorer but still get the same message.

If anyone can help me out here, I'd greatly appreciate it!!!


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I've noticed that this forum does'nt seem to get much traffic anymore, so I thought I'd try to help you Susala.
I don't use Front Page, I use Adobe, PageMill.
Just a shot in the dark, change the port setting, to lets say... 21 (this is the port # I used) could'nt hurt to try.
Also what do you mean by:- using the default name for the Internet Explorer ? please post back later.

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This is happening when you are trying to connect to the web server, Correct? If so then check your settings that you put in to access the server. Maybe they use a different port to transfer with. When i was using FP 98 i made a shortcut to the editor and bypassed the rest of the program. Since i use a FTP program(Leap FTP)i did not need the rest of FP. FP 2000 is much more integratedand does not have the problems that FP 98 does .


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