How do you put buttons on a web page?

pineconeApril 7, 2005

I once had a site marked that gave the html for buttons on a web page. I need 4 buttons on my bidville page. They need to be small. And have a brown color 996633.

Thanks for your help.


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You can make anything into a "button", meaning something you click on to get to another page. You just need to know the full URL for what you want it to be linked to, and the full URL of the image that will be clicked on.

Then you type the following code, replacing [ and ] with :

[a href="URL of destination page here"][img src="URL of button image here" border=0][/a]

The border=0 is nice because it gets rid of the blue line that normally goes around any linked image.

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p.s. you mentioned a font color. If you want to just make TEXT clickable, and with a unique color, then do this:

[a href="URL of destination page here"][font color=#996633]text you want to be clickable here[/font][/a]

replace [ and ] with

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