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maryanntxApril 3, 2003

I design and maintain my motorcycle club's website and we would like to have a forum there just for club members to use. I really like the format of THS forums. Can someone direct me to a site that would help me learn to design such a forum?


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I did some research and set up a forum through Bravenet. We'll see how good it is.

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MaryAnn, we used to have a Bravenet forum on our webpage. It worked really well. Bravenet was very reliable. We don't have it there any more because it wasn't being used, but it did work nicely.

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I've been using the forum at Bravenet for 1½ months now and it works great! I also use their counters and love all the information received. I plan to try out the polls soon. My only complaint is all the pop-up ads. But I'm getting alot for free, so the pop-ups are just part of the deal. I could avoid them by paying, which I might do in the future.

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Snitz forums are free and work great, too. I use them on one of my sites.

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