Has anybody else ever had this to happen?

JudithMay 13, 2004

I have had this happen every once in a while for many years. I will be holding something in my hand, my right hand, and suddenly I will feel a pain in a part of my hand,usually one of my first two fingers. It will feel like it has been injured and when I look at it, it will be red and a sort of blue area. It will hurt with a stinging itch for a few minutes and then it goes away. It looks like an injury, like I had hit it against something but it just comes on me for no reason. I had it happen a couple of days ago while I was feeding my horses. This time it was the area of my palm just below my thumb. I did not get an injury, it just felt like one. It was stinging and itching and it looked like a vein was enlarged and the area around it was red like an injury. I have had this before and it seems to come up for no reason at all. It is really strange and I am wondering if I am the only one who ever gets this. Thanks.

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Maybe an allergy, or a bug bite? I've had similar experiences (except for the vein enlarging).

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Sounds like a broken blood vessel. They hurt like crazy. I have had them just break for no reason. I would describe the feeling just as you described it, right down to the coloring.

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Thanks for the replies. I am thinking broken blood vessel too because that is what it looks like but I don't know what would cause it. After a while, after the intense hurting and stinging, it goes aways as suddenly as it came and the finger looks normal in the area that was red and blue.

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Is it at all related to cold? Have you ever noticed the area turning white first? There is something called Raynaud's syndrome. Your blood vessels will constrict, often but not necessarily as an excessive response to cold, cutting off your blood supply and possibly causing your skin to turn white or blue and the area to get numb or tingly. Your blood vessels will at some point return to their normal size, and blood will rush back into the area. THIS can cause red discoloration from the blood rush, as well as painful/tingly sensations as if you are trying to walk on a foot that has fallen asleep.

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I would go with the broken blood vessel too. I have them in my fingers fairly often. Really really hurt and then the discoloration starts. Your description is right on the mark.

As to what causes it???? Darn if I known, but it does seem to get worse with age (ugh!) so I am thinking that the walls of the blood vessels are simply not as thick and strong as they used to be. I think (not sure) that I had more of them when my blood pressure was higher. Also a sharp blow or twist will cause one to break.

I don't worry about it. But the next time you see a doctor, be sure to mention it. He/She just needs to keep track of that sort of thing.

Tain't fun!!

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I also get the sudden broken blood vessels. I decided to supplement with bioflavinoids to strengthen blood vessel/capillary walls. This is nothing as long as it doesn't happen in the brain.

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A google of "broken blood vessels in the hand" brought this thread to the first page of results. My frequency of this is becoming really annoying! In the last two weeks, I have broken a vessel in the same finger three times.

Did the bioflavinoids help? (Bioflavinoids are usually mixed with vitamin C, a blood thinner. That seems like it would make the problem worse.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kristen Boyesen

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I've had this exact thing happen. Anyone know what causes it/what it is?

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It's happening even to me but usually when I am using pliers where the vain/vessel gets pinned under the skin due to the pressure. I was fine today after recovering from the same thing 3 days ago but again today it broke when I grabbed pliers to squeeze something.

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This happens to me usually when I grip a tool or pick up some object without paying attention. I believe it is something like a broken or perhaps bruised blood vessel? I'm not sure why they happen but here are the precautions I take.

1) Wear gloves when working with tools or picking up things around the yard or garage.
2) Pay attention to the fingers when picking up ANYTHING so as not to cause undue strain and bring on the symptom.
3) As soon as they occur, grab an ice cube and wrap it in a light cloth and apply to the spot for several minutes. This will ease the pain and I think speeds recovery.

It would be nice to have a follow up from an M.D.... are there any out there????

A don't have high blood pressure or any other condition (that I'm aware of) that would cause these.

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I've had this happen many times over the years, usually only three or four times a year. I feel sure it's a small blood vessel that "breaks" and I agree with tjerin that an ice cube helps shrink it a little. It does make me wonder if the same thing could be happening in my brain!! I also take probiotics and fish oil capsules. Sometimes it happens for no obvious reason, but more often because I have put pressure on the area. Usually in a finger/thumb but have also had it happen in palm of hand. Most people I've asked have not had it so we are "special." If anyone learns more, please let us all know! (Just had one tonight after lifting a yard chair out of the back of my van that wasn't really all that heavy but put pressure on my thumb in JUST the right way. Owwww. That's when I decided to Google it and here I am!) After an hour it is still dark red and about the size of a dime. I know it will be gone by morning, most likely.

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I found this page by looking up "broken blood vessel" on Google and I guess this is what happened to me yesterday. It is the strangest thing. I wasn't doing anything difficult with my hand just opening the car door and all of the sudden I had this extreme burning pain in the area where my thumb attaches to my hand (the muscle area). It was so painful that I could not touch the tip of my thumb to the tip of my little finger and it was extremely painful to touch that area with my other hand. An hour after the initial burning sensation my thumb/palm area was very swollen but still the same color with no change in color what-so-ever, but the area was twice as large as the same area on my other hand. I've always had a very high tolerance to pain but this was excruciating. Today the whole area (about one inch by two inches) has a very dark bruise and is still tender. What a crazy thing? I'm in my early 40's and really healthy, I think, maybe not.

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Ive had this happen to me for 20yrs. I pick up a bottle of milk, open a door or even just using scissors and my finger might pop with quite a bit of pain! severe bruising. Im them left wondering what would happen if I slightly bang my head???
I eat well and have never had high or low blood pressure so what can it be???

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I just had this happen for the first time this morning. I was doing dishes and all of a sudden had a burning pain in my left palm that felt like a large amount of needles sticking me. When I pulled my hand back and looked at it, I had a red area about 1" long with a blue looking vein sticking up in the middle of it. The pain finally went away, but a knot, a bruise and tenderness remain. Not really sure what caused this, but if anyone has any information I would love to hear it.

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In answer to your question, yes, I also have recently experienced similar sharp stinging pain 2 or 3 times a day for the past week. Now I have a 2-inch long enlarged blood vessel across the base of my plam below my thumb. I am male, 55 years of age, and in very good health.

Here is some interesting reading; be sure to read through to page 2.


"How A Broken Blood Vessel Happens -- A broken blood vessel can result from a disease, which has caused the walls of the blood vessel to weaken then rupture, or trauma where a blow or sharp object causes the vessel to break. Breakage also can be caused by certain medications or specific dosages of medications. Age is sometimes a factor, as the skin becomes less flexible and bruising from bumps or falls happens more frequently. Symptoms most often appear in the form of a bruise, but can also be present in the form of a blood spot and even as a rash in certain instances. ... the vast amount of problems occur in smaller vessels, usually near the skin. They generally heal quickly and on there own and are not normally a concern except for short-term cosmetic reasons. Internal bleeding is of course potentially more dangerous, but occurs on a much less frequent basis. ..."

Here is a link that might be useful: Broken Blood Vessel

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