Natural remedy for depression

alohalaniSeptember 3, 2006

It has been 2 months since my brother passed away unexpectedly of a heart attact at the age of 48.

I have gone through ok days & days full of grief.I just can't seem to get myself motivated to do much. Just the basics to take care of my own family & my mom.

I have a good friend & neighbor who suggested a homeopathic remedy for the sypmtoms of "situational depression" that I have been having. The remedy is called IGNATIA. We have ordered it & will let everyone if it works. In the meantime, look it up on the net.

I have been taking the occasional Tylenol PM to help me sleep, but don't want to take anything that I could become addicted to.

Take care everyone.

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I've never tried ignatia, but I've had good results with homeopathy in general for a long time. Best of luck trying this. At least homeopathic remedies do no harm.


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Try walking. I was deeply depressed and was in counseling and absolutely no energy.
The couselor advised me to walk about 30 minutes a day, doesn't have to be fast, just get outdoors and walk, or in the mall.
It does work.
God bless us all,

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I certainly hope it works for you. Let us know!

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Get your blood pumping, your pulse to quicken.

That oxygenates the blood going to the brain, making the synapses fire more efficiently, elevating mood & helping depression.

Walk, dance, bicycle, work in the garden.

If you need to have a commitment to get yourself moving, sign up to take a class or to help with a class:

jazzercise helped me 20 years ago (don't know what they have now), but I *signed up for the class*, & I went every time.

& a friend of mine sometimes moans & groans & bellyaches about being tired, but she shows up every time to teach ballet to the little girls class at a recreation center.

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