wrist pain

amy_z6_swpaMay 12, 2004

Last Friday, all of a sudden, my right wrist near the bone at the base of my thumb started hurting. Mostly when I moved it in certain directions. My initial reaction was to crack it (grimace), so that might have made the situation worse.

Then at first I was thinking it might be carpal tunnel, since I've been using the computer a LOT at home and I am at a computer desk at work all the time. But I'm only 29 and it's only been about 3 years that I've used computers intensely. Also, I do NOT have any tingling, numbness, or lack of use of any part of my hand, and when I do the carpal tunnel self-tests, none of them affect me.

Now that I read symptoms of wrist tendonitis, I'm thinking now that this is the problem, not carpal tunnel.

The pain is sharp when I stretch my thumb outward and/or down. That's mainly when I feel pain.

Any thoughts?

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It could be arthritis in the joint.

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If it is arthritis, I would ask why did it start so suddenly (overnight), and why do I have it at age 29??

I forgot to mention that when I bend my wrist around certain ways now, there is almost always a popping feeling.

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Could be osteoarthritis, which can happen at any age, when the cartilage in the joint begins wearing down. Miniscule pieces of cartilage & bone chip away & you may get popping, cracking sounds, along with pain & limited motion. My right wrist was "frozen" with it for about 6 weeks when I was 34, which my orthopedist attributed to too many pushups & the fact that I'd fallen down a couple of steps & broken my fall with that hand. I wore a brace for 6 weeks & it's been fine since, but still snaps, crackles & pops. I'd see my family doc or nurse practitioner if it continues to bother you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Osteoarthritis

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Amy -
See an orthopedic specialist - he has Xrays and the advantage of being able to handle your wrist.

It could be anything from a hairline fracture, to a damaged tendon to a bone tumor, and asking us to guess doesn't help.

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I have about the same thing, base of the thumb. I attribute it to "over mouse usage". Too much time on computer. I'm sure that's what's caused mine!

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Thanks for all the replies. I can't just see the doctor on a whim because I'm not currently covered. I have been trying to rest the bad wrist this past week and the tenderness/usage ache has extended downward just past the thumb/wrist bone. I still can't use that wrist for pushing upward on things like our double-hung windows. I sure have seen how much I need & use that wrist joint in the past two weeks!

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Just saw this. I have been going through a rough 6 months with the same exact symptoms. If you place your tumb across your palm and close you finger over it then turn your wrist towards your pinkie and it hurts like the dickens it's DeQuevains tendonitis. This is tendon that runs down the side of your wrist and connect to the base of your thumb. A cortisone shot in the tendon will reduce the pain and swelling. You need to have a brace that keeps the thumb from moving! I know your not covered, but beleive me it will not go away on its own. Even after the shot, mine was not healing, I insisted on an MRI and found ersoins in my wrist joint. The thumb is now healed, but my wrist will never get better. Feel free to e-mail me if you want. I'm not a doctor, but BTDT! DON'T USE YOUR WRIST! Mine was in my left wrist and I'm a lefty, seems to be common in the dominent hand.

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Hi webgardnr. I got your email last night. Thank you so much for this information. I think you nailed it. I have been trying not to use my wrist and I had a 4-day vacation, but the pain is still there. I will have to buy a brace for my wrist, I can tell. The weird thing is that they say it's caused from repetetive THUMB movement but my thumb is stationery when it's on the computer mouse. It seems to be more from resting my wrist on the desk while using the mouse, and the way my hand bends horizontally while using the mouse.

Thanks again for the info. That's what it is.

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I forgot to mention that I do NOT have ANY swelling at all in my hand, wrist, or arm.

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I can't believe this! You have exactly the same thing I have! Non-dominant wrist. Base of thumb. Tried to have it adjusted (pulled on) by chiropractor and went through the ROOF! My internist is guessing Dequervain's and said to get a brace, use ice, and if it doesn't get better in 2 weeks to get x-rays. (I was thinking I was weird.)

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Hi nquest, mine is my dominant hand. I've now been wearing a thumb-stabilizing wrist wrap for two weeks. I find now that I have to wear it all the time, not just at the computer, although the pain has lessened, it is still there when I move my thumb. It feels more like pressure build-up now when I don't wear the brace. When I'm NOT wearing it, and I move my thumb outward, I'll get a sudden cramp-like feeling which makes me have to turn my wrist to relieve it, and it goes away temporarily.

Since I first posted, I have acquired benefits at work, so I will have to go get this checked out. It has been over three weeks. This wrist/thumb stabilizer has helped a LOT but I know the problem is still there.

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Amy, keep us informed and let us know what the doctor says. I have hand problems and wrist problems, from 35 years of typing, but my problems are all coming from back problems. Its amazing how your back can affect so many other parts of your body. I don't think this is your problem though. Let us know what your dx is.

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Amy Does twisting motions....wringing out a rag,opening a door hurt?? if so it is probably Dequervain. Don't let it go too long without getting it seen about. i waited about a month, then saw a dr that didn't know anything treated me for the wrong thing for about 2 months.finally told me to take vioxx and live with the pain, i changed doctors and after ruling out carpal tunnel performed surgery on me yesterday morning. it was my right hand.


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If arthritis runs in your family,it can strike at any age.Tendonitus,joint problems are often relieved by increasing your intake of water.it helps lubricate the joints.B6 and B12 are vitamins that help.As you've noticed,immobilizing the area with a brace provides relief,especially important while you sleep.If you are sleeping on your limbs,this can cause joint problems.Water beds and pillowtop mattresses or airfilled can help.Shark cartilage,gluchosimine and chondoiten(sp?) are also suppose to rebuild cartilage.Good luck.

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Wow, a year has gone by?!?!?!....
Well I have yet to get it looked at, but that's because I've had virtually no more trouble with it. I appreciate everyone's input; it has taught me a lot. I will update again if something more occurs.

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hi i am glad there is hope haha. i am very young i like to say;)
i am actually a stay at home the repetative motion i believe to have trigger the same symptoms as u amy was picking up my 2 year old son. now i have different conditions that maybe predisposed me to the DeQ i havent been diagnosed yet lol sorry about all the happy its a nasty annoying pain. but i am relieve to know it can get better without pills surgery etc i already have different diagnosis for chronic painful conditions my doctor got really sad i could see she was feeling so powerless...she really hasnt been able to help so while i see her a lot there is so much pain i have i dont disclose i been in lot of pain for months both hands like u i cracked them except the left one got really bad i coulnt move it didnt swell until next day or2 however swelling was minimal hardly apparent but nurse mentioned swelling can be inside.. well i want to thank u because with all the responses u got it has sort of energized me into well taking control of this so after about 7 or 8 months since first symptom of this new condition i will tell my doctor i got a brace 4 days ago some improvment but my right thumb and wrist got worse thanks i hope u continue to get better however i have just 1 advise for u get s diagnosis and document this in the future this might be of great value. i was a hard worker i loved my job i can't work now but i wish i would have done just that u see i will soon max out and with no other income or help things will get harder mainly for me.. GO TO THE DOCTOR hope 2 hear from u good news ;)

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Some things you can try are arthritis gloves.. dunno though if they are any good for the wrist though... or wrist supports. :) good luck.

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It sounds like arthritis my friend

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