html code for exe. file?

kyryApril 29, 2002

Is there such a thing? I had posted a question on the computer help forum re: reducing the size of an exe. file. Had to give up on that idea, just can't reduce by zipping it to a small enough size for e-mail. Had a brain storm! Could I put this file(slide show with mp3 added) onto my comcast web page? Completely in the dark about building a web page, the only ones I have are very simple, one on netscape where you just choose the image or text you want to add and it does it for you, same with Earthlink. The greatest accomplishment remotely associated with html is to include a signature within a message.

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Just put it in as you would a hyperlink. Have it state next to the link to right-click and choose save to hard drive.

the code would be:
(a href="the url where it is saved")The program(/a)
replacing ( and ) with . It would still be a good idea to have it zipped too.


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