Rash on old bruise spot?

sue36May 10, 2007

Anyone ever heard of this? I had blood taken at the doctor's office. They tried to take it from a visible vein on for forearm, halfway between the inside elbow and wrist. It resulted in a large, very dark purple bruise (bruise was about 1 1/2" around). They really dug around in there trying to get the blood. The first day I had the bruise it actually stuck out from the arm, that is how much blood was in there.

The bruise is 95% gone now (just a hint of green on one edge), but since Tuesday I have had a rash that covers that round area, and nowhere else. It itches like mad, and I admit I've clawed it a little.

Have you ever heard of this or know what it is? I've Googled, but can't find anything.

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Hi Sue,
I get itchy in areas where my tissues are healing. Maybe you had alot of blood in there, and your body is trying to remove it, and its causing the irritation?
Is it possible that you had a bandaid over that area, and you're actually having a reaction to the bandaid?

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