Allergies from house plants?

aaaaaa_gardnerMay 2, 2008


I have quite a few plants kept indoor because of frost advisory for my county. Some are veggies (newly planted and seedlings) and some are just house plants (that has been indoor all through the winter). My question is----do these plants cause allergies, because I see that I have allergy symptoms. To be clearer, these house plants do not cause any allergies during winter. And in early spring and early fall I do get allergies when exposed to outside. Any advice?



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I suspect that the plants that you brought in had a lot of tree pollen that had fallen on them. Maybe, maybe not???

Another thought is that sometimes allergies develop unexpectedly. With house plants, it's usually the mold that grows in the dirt, not the plant itself. I can't have house plants because it's almost impossible to keep the soil free from the mold spores and I am very allergic to it now. I didn't used to be. It just started and gradually got worse.

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Sounds like you might be allergic to pollen and/or ragweed. My daughter gets allergy symptoms in the spring until all the leaves are on the trees.

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