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haydukeiiApril 5, 2007

Has anyone ever used Submit Express to submit their website to search engines?

It says it's free but I'm a bit leary about using it because I'm afraid I'll get spammed or pop uped to death. I don't want to pollute my site with spam...



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Well hayduke, the most important lesson that I learned in school was that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. (t.a.n.s.t.a.a.f.l.) It could just be they're trying to promote their paid services they offer but for some reason I highly doubt it. I believe there's only one or two search engines you need be concerned about, yahoo and google and if it still works the same way, you submit your site to yahoo and about 6-8 months later google finds it. In the time I spent writing this, you could have manually submit your site to all those no-name search engines on your own.

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Get yourself listed on yahoo, and is actually a directory (not a search engine), that is used as the basis for a lot of search engines, so if you get listed there, you'll get picked up by about 50 smaller search engines. Then once you get picked up by google (which often does take several months, and there is no way to force it, despite what the free sites say), you'll be set.

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I've used submit express and I don't get spammed by them. I also use pay services for submission and I also don't get spam from them. Paid submission gets your info submitted a lot faster (hours or days instead of months).

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I have used submit express and it works.

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