thermography... anyone?

vieja_gwMay 11, 2013

Has anyone had any experience with thermography as a tool for detection of disorders? Do you feel it is a worthwhile procedure? Full body is expensive & wonder if it is worthwhile!

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Is it offered in hospitals? I think if it was beneficial it would be offered there. I just googled it and found articles on detecting breast cancer and for chiropractic use with thermography and it is all negative. It does not do what the people promoting it says it will do. The link below is only one of the articles I found. Most of what I pulled up was organizations trying to sell the idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermography

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thermography is a well proven type of diagnostic tool used by natural doctors and chiropractors. Please do a google search but not by people paid by the drug cartel as they want you using xray that can cause cancer and mammograms which are even worse. One Doctor said if you go for mammograms for ten years your cancer risk goes up 90%. Thermography is complete safe.

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