fading out a background

terri_pacnwApril 1, 2002

I have this background, that I love, but it's to "intense" for what I have it behind.

I used my "photo suite" software to lighten it..and saved it.

But, when I loaded it on my FTP, and linked it over to where I'm using it, it didn't stay "pale"....

Why does it look pale in the photo suite window, but it's in it's original form on the web?



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You must be linking to the wrong picture. If you replaced the intense version with the pale version then it should show.

You might want to try refreshing your browser... Maybe it's looking at a cached pic. If you have IE, just press F5 to refresh the page.


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Tried all that...
Thought the same thing...
That I was linking to the wrong picture.
Refreshed....so, asked a friend who visits that page and showed her the "original". It's like the place I was using, some how boosted it up?

Thanks, glad to know I wasn't going crazy, and that I was doing it all the correct way though..

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