cheerful1_gwMay 2, 2007

Getting a prescription today from my doctor. My total cholesterol is 276, LDL is 184, HDL is 58. Has anyone taken this, and any side effects?

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I have been taking Vytorin for over two years now. I have experienced no side effects that I am aware of. My total cholesterol has dropped dramatically but the HDL/LDL ratio remains poor.

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My Dh has been taking Vytorin 10/40 for about 5 months. He was on 80 mg's Zocor for 3 years and his total cholesterol ran around around 190. His ratio was very good, but since he is diabetic, an even lower cholesterol is advised. On the Vytorin he is now running around 160. He has had no side effects.

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My father takes it. His cholesterol went from over 300 to well under 200. DH started on it and his cholesterol went from about 240 to well under. Neither had side effects.

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I've been on it for almost 3 months. Just got my bloodwork back:

My total cholesterol went from 276 to 173
LDL went from 184 to 83
HDL went from 58 to 65

I'm totally amazed.

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