Which Type of Stress Incontinence Surgery did you have?

emilynewhomeMay 6, 2011

I will be seeing the urologist next month so have been googling the various 'sling' methods available.

It seems the 'retropubic' and the 'transobturator' are most commonly recommended (online anyway)for stress incontinence.

If you've undergone this type of surgery, were you satisfied with the outcome? What complications did you experience, and how long did they last? Would you undergo this surgery again, why/whynot? Does the sling material make any difference?

By the way I'm in my 60's.


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There is a lawsuit against 1 kind but don't know which 1.(We're in CA.,just heard about it about a week ago) My mom had sling attached to back & not too happy with it. Still has to use light protection. Don't think I ever knew what kind of material it was made from. She is 89 now & had it done about 4 yrs ago. I don't think it's getting worse tho. Sorry, not much help.

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