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rabbit8May 24, 2004

I am looking for something I can take in the place of premarin. I heard it causes cancer. Is there something natural I can try?

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There is some evidence that long term use can increase the chance of breast cancer by a very tiny percent. On the other hand, there is good evidence that it can help PREVENT colon cancer. If I had the choice losing a boob or losing bowel function, I would chose losing a breast. Colon Cancer and wearing a ostomy bag is a lot worse that padding a bra.

Not taking it will not guarantee that you will not get breast cancer.

Premarin also helps prevent bone lose and the spinal fractures that occur as a woman ages.

There are other things that are supposed to be as good. But they haven't been around long enough to see if the benefits last for a long time.

If you have a family history of either breast or colon cancer, your doctor should know about it so that he/she can advise you.

I have been taking Premarin for 39 years. My bones are in excellent shape. I have a family history of colon cancer so I think taking Premarin is a sensible thing to do. No one in my family has ever had breast cancer.

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Try estradiol patches which are made from the Mexican Yam.

I wouldn't take Premarin simply due to the following facts:
Premarin stands for Pregnant Mare's Urine; PMU for short. It is one of the
drugs commonly prescribed to women to reduce the symptoms of menopause, and
to greatly reduce the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease in women after
menopause. It is estimated that approximately 9 million women in this
country are on estrogen replacement therapy, also commonly known as HRT,
hormone replacement therapy. Of this 9 million figure, approximately 80%
are on Premarin, equaling 7+ million women in the United States alone.

As the name implies, this hormone is derived from the urine of pregnant
horses. And therein lies the problem.
Currently, these horses are tied in front and strapped in the rear into very
small stalls, anywhere from 3 1/2 to 4 feet wide and 5 to 6 feet long.
(This is the size of the horse with no room to move.) While in these
stalls, they have urine collection bags attached in the rear to collect the
urine. Previously used, and still used in some cases, are catheters that
are inserted to collect the urine.
These mares are made to STAND in these stalls, tied and strapped in, bagged
or catheterized, pregnant, for 6 to 11 months at a time. (Contrary to
popular belief, horses do sleep laying down, especially pregnant ones.)
Drinking water is doled out very sparingly, because the less water given
means the more concentrated the urine, thereby more money made for every
ounce of urine.
Side effects so far include urine soaked skin, deep sleep deprivation,
obesity, stocking up (swollen legs), soreness, hoof wall separation, colic
(which is deadly), urinary tract infections, and leg injuries.
The mares are artificially inseminated, over and over again to keep them
pregnant. Often this insemination is done within weeks of foaling and they
are immediately returned to the production line (with no break for proper
What happens to the foals? sometimes they are sold for show purposes, and
sometimes fillies are raised to go on the production line as soon as they
are able to conceive (usually only 20 to 24 months old). BUT MOST GO TO
SLAUGHTER... 45,000 TO 75,000 A YEAR. These newly born foals are considered
a by-product-and totally expendable.
THE BIGGEST TRAGEDY? There are alternatives to Premarin which are even
often considered better options for women!
There are synthetic and plant-based alternatives, including Ogen, Estrace,
Estradiol Transdermal System and Tablets, Estropipate, Estrone, and Meneste.
If you are someone you know is still being prescribed Premarin, it may very
well be that the doctor has been prescribing Premarin so long that it has
become habit; also, there are many doctors totally unaware of the horrors
behind Premarin production.
Synthetic alternatives reportedly have fewer side effects.

Lydia *stepping off my soapbox*

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You might look into Activella, prescription only, plant rather than animal based....

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I'm glad you brought that up, Lydia. This was the reason I argued against taking Premarin for years, despite the rather pushy urgings of several physicians. They told me it would protect against heart disease and all sorts of threatening ailments. Then recent research showed that they were wrong.

I keep envisioning freed mares and frolicking foals...but I suppose that's a little optimistic of me.


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Lydia, thank you for posting that.
I'd read that the urine collection was inhumane, but had no idea it was so cruel.
I'm going for my annual next week and was going to ask the doc about HRT; I know at least one thing I won't take...

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My doctor had me take Black cohash and Soy. You can get it Over the Counter at the Grocery Store and also Walmart, K-mart and similar. I only had to take this for about 6 months and all the menopausal problems faded away. You also need to take a Calcium supplement. Ask your pharmicist about these. Much better than taking Premarin and other prescriptions that are not necessarily good for you.


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Well said Lydia!!

Please avoid taking premarin if you possibly can!

I have rescued 6 PMU foals. One, Pikku, had a minor injury as an infant that could have healed but since he didn't have any "real" value he recieved no medical care and will always be a cripple. Another, Waffles, an utterly sweet and wonderful foal passed away at about 18months old. The vet believed COD to be either a heart condition from poor nutrition in utero or from the breeding practices. The four others are very healthy. Very sweet young things and I have happily found a wonderful home for Pikku and Leonidas who were half brothers and they are living the luxurious life. Lexi's Dream my only filly of the 6 has the most wonderful disposition. Snickerdoodle and The Oreo Kid (Kiddo) are happy young stallions about to be gelded. They are very sweet and have tons of potential. All of my PMU foals are under-sized for their age and that's because of poor pre-natal care and poor nutrition as infants.

My PMU babies all deserve to have happy full lives. Not many people can rescue 6 at one time and there is a lack of funds for the rescue organizations that go save their sweet lives.

There are some people who for legitimate reasons cannot take a synthetic replacement. But, if you can, you will be saving the lives of horses and prevent the horrible mistreatment of animals.

I have been promising updated pictures for a while. I think its time to post some.


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I am sure lawyers are getting very rich because so many people damaged their health by using Premarin.
If people know unimaginable pain and suffering of horses and their babies, it takes sadists to take Premarin.

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