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rainmakerApril 20, 2002

Ok I am learning FP 2000 now and wont to make a form how do I do it and save it as a mailing form to me?

That is the only part I cant figure out with out a little help!

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First thing you need to do is check with your web host to see if they use front page server extensions. If they do then you can use the form wizard to make your form. If not then you will have to use CGI( usually a Perl Script) instead.

To start the wizard select file>new>page. In the dialog box there is a general list. Click on the form page wizard, then click OK, and the form wizard will appear. Reading the help files will get you thru the wizard. If you need more help ask and i'll try to answer.


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Thanks JamesS I found a tutorial on it and D/L it to study. I need something like a small order form that can be mailed to me after it is filled out, How and Where can I find that? Or will FP2000 do that for me?

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Good Saturday afternoon group. You come highly recommended to me by a friend of many years ago. He told me that you can take a Senile Senior and make him into a Web Host. In looking over some of the correspondence, it all looks like Greek to me, so you may have a task on your hands.
Can any of you tell me what is the first step, where do I find it, and how do I understand it? I'm 66 years old, live outside Chicago and am 'rarin' to go get some new knowledge

charles in illinois

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Charles, What are you really looking to do here? Hosting webpages for other people involves having a SERVER computer,Programs on the computer for a CGI(common gateway interface)bin and SQL database(for catalogs), and usually a T-3 internet connection line which costs around $1500 a month. Is this what you want to do?

On the other hand, if you would like to start out a little slower, you could learn the HTML language so you can make webpages. It would require you to learn Photo manipulation so you could put pictures on the webpages. To me webpages are sources for information. For a webpage or website to be interesting it has to tell me something i don't already know. Do you have a particular interest or hobby that you know well? Maybe you can put your knowledge on a webpage to help others that are looking for this kind of information.

You need to tell us what you want to do so we can steer you to the information you need to get.


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rainmaker, sorry I missed your post when you first wrote it. I have made a simple mail-to form that might be what you are looking for if you still need one. On my form when you complete it and click on the submit button it automatically e-mails the information to the e-mail address that I put in the code. It was very easy to do and I learned how to make it from someone who answered my post at this forum. He no longer comes here and is sorely missed!

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Charles, crblan,
Sit tight, I'm trying to get to the bottom of the "why" &
"how come" that no one seems to be talking here in this forum any longer.
I also used to highly recommend this site, but now wonder why I did. In the meantime, have a look at my endevours.

Here is a link that might be useful: my little website

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