Knee injury treatment advice?

childno6May 24, 2008

I fell a few weeks (tripped over an extension cord trying to turn off my morning alarm clock) and took a real blow to my left knee. I don't think it's the kneecap, more like the very upper part of the tibia. The bruising was relatively minor and went away in a few days, but it's the swelling that concerns me -- and the pain.

The swelling is not huge, but it goes all the way down to my ankle. The pain, also, is not real horrible, just a nagging ache I try to control with ibuprofen.

My concern is how should I treat this injury? I have no health insurance and can't afford a doctor. The free county hospital in my area is more dangerous than no treatment at all (they are currently undergoing a huge investigation and exposure by the media and everything's in an uproar with its chairman resigning, etc. And everybody in my area knows it's a joke to try and get treatment there, anyway).

So -- does anybody have any ideas on how I might treat this injury? It's been about three weeks since it happened and I am just wondering how long this might take to get well if I just do what I'm doing, that is, staying off of it as much as I can. I work from home, which helps, but I do have to do absolutely necessary housework-type things like laundry, dishes, changing beds, vacuuming because I'm a single mom (don't laugh, I'm 52 with a 10-year-old son).

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Well, I was at the doctor recently with my sister, who'd had a sharp blow to her knee. He took x-rays to make sure that the kneecap wasn't shattered, and it wasn't. Then, he told her that blows to the knee almost always heal, but that it often takes 2-3 months. He didn't suggest any further diagnostic tests (i.e., MRI) until at least two months. It's been 2-1/2 months for her now, and it's just started to feel better in the last week or two.

So, if you're not going to go to the doctor, I'd suggest ice for the swelling, rest as much as possible, keeping your leg up on several pillows when resting, etc. A compression bandage (eg. ACE bandage) can help with swelling, too.

I know that my doctor has also recommended exercise to strengthen the muscles around the knee, but I'd have no idea when you should begin those. Here are the exercises she recommended, if you're interested:

Lie flat on your bed or the floor. Point your toe. Keeping your leg straight, lift one leg a few inches off the bed or floor. Hold to the count of twenty. Repeat with the other leg.

Then, do exactly the same thing, only with your ankle bent so your foot is at a right angle to your leg.

I do this several times a day. I think it mostly helps with the common sort of knee pain that's caused by the tendons loosening, allowing the kneecap to slip from it's appropriate spot.

Good luck. I'm sorry to hear you don't have health insurance. I know what that's like.

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Thank you so much for exercises, Joann. It also helps reassure me to know these things just take a long time to heal and mine isn't something uniquely awful.

Maggiewoods, I don't get the link to addiction treatment. I went there thinking there might be something about knee injuries, but it was all about addiction, which, thank goodness, is not one of my problems.

I did get a response from a lady (Arum is her user name her on GW) which has definitely helped. She uses a technique I encourage anyone with an open mind to try. I'm following up on all her advice and help that she so graciously and freely gave me and, hopefully, not only will my knee continue to feel better, but other unrelated problems, as well.

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childno6 and maggiewoods, there all kinds of treatment for the knee, and we might want to look into all of them to see which one is of the most benefit. Of course we want to use the one that is most effective, and sometimes we may even consider how it will effect us financially. The treatment I offer is very effective, and completely free. childno6, I'm so glad I was able to help you, and even more so since you and I have had similar problems. Oh, and thanks for the compliment! :) Arum

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Will knee supports be a good way to stop knee pain or not? Iv actually read somewhere that insoles can help reduce the stress on your knee's as the correct footing and the right kind of insoles and support has a positive impact on the knee.. Il see if i can find it somewhere.. Update:Okay i got it here knee injury pain prevention with insoles, since reading that i went ahead and bought some insoles and everything from my ankle to my knee has stopped aching which is great plus the insoles help reduce the risk of injury too.

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