My Husband has BAD Breath

momrox4May 2, 2007

He uses a cpap (?) machine for sleep apnea; he has allergies; he goes to the dentist twice a year and was just there about a month ago and all was well dentally. He flosses daily and uses Listerine (the strong yellow variety) twice a day. His breath could stop a bus. He has a new job that involves talking to people much of the day (!) and I know this problem is NOT going to be an asset for him. I recently purchased a Neti Pot and have been using it for myself; I am going to get one for him and get him to try that; any other suggestions??

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qvc has a product that looks very impressive. I dont' know how to link, but if you go to and put in item #A12532 it will come up. It is called tri-oral. People rate items and it is rated 100%. Maybe worth a try.

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My mother always says that a dirty stomach causes a lot of problems, from bad breath to headaches.

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It could be something much more serious than teeth or sinus problems. I suspect the problem arises with his stomach, I would have him either have a gastroscope or an upper GI scan.
This a sign of something wrong, not just an annoying problem. Keep looking until you find someone who will listen to you. Gerd, and Barrets Esophagus and cancer often have accompanying bad breath.
Linda C

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