Skin tags

bobsyouruncle99May 22, 2010

Anyone have an idea on how to get rid of skin tags besides a Dermatologist?

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I wouldn't chance it, go to a professional.

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do a search on "get rid of skin tags" there is a bunch of info, a Doctor or a PA would be best.

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our dermatologist said just to 'snip them' off & apply iodine! Said insurance wouldn't pay to have skin tags removed. Well, I had one removed by my regular Dr. & it bled so profusely that they had a difficult time to stop the bleeding so I doubt I would snip them off myself but a neighbor does it all the time & uses iodine & no problems.

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My mother used to tie a thread tightly around the skin tag to cut off the blood supply. After a week or so, the tag would simply fall off. Of course, you have to wear that piece of thread for a while!

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Yes, one Dr. also suggested the thread but I think he said to just tie it tight & it would snip off the tag? I think there is a freezing spray available OTC at WalMart to freeze them yourself too but haven't tried it.

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