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dcrowexMarch 9, 2004

I was finally able to get some pages loaded to a web site. The directions said to be sure to delete the index.html. I did that and now all I have is a list of files on the site. The name of the site is Jamielee and when you go to this site, it says "index of Jamielee.

What did I do wrong?

How do I fix it?

thanks for your help.


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Here is the list of files that show up on my web page - but nothing else
thanks, deb

Parent Directory 09-Mar-2004 23:00 -
JAMIE LEE JEAN.doc 09-Mar-2004 23:43 943k
JAMIE LEE JEAN.htm 09-Mar-2004 23:40 8k
JAMIE LEE JEAN030904..> 09-Mar-2004 23:47 15k
JAMIE LEE JEANwebpag..> 09-Mar-2004 23:46 14k
_private/ 28-Dec-2003 21:50 -
filelist.xml 09-Mar-2004 23:46 1k
image001.gif 09-Mar-2004 23:46 21k
image002.jpg 09-Mar-2004 23:46 808k
image003.jpg 09-Mar-2004 23:46 12k
image004.gif 09-Mar-2004 23:46 17k
image005.jpg 09-Mar-2004 23:46 42k
image006.jpg 09-Mar-2004 23:46 19k
images/ 28-Dec-2003 21:50

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Usually your home page is called index or default. I'm not sure why you were supposed to delete that file. Could you post your web address and maybe we could figure it out from there.

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Just rename your main page to index.html. They were just telling you to delete the temporary index file they had placed there.

It is standard procedure to name your main page index.html. Otherwise you will have to specify the file name everytime you go to the site.


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Thank you - I renamed the file and that did the trick!


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