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boost2525July 25, 2011

I need to do some subfloor repairs in our upstairs bath, the plan is to ultimatly lay tile down. Few quick questions:

1) The framing is 2x8's on almost 16" centers (they're all sistered and range from 16" to 20", it's hard to explain why other than "it's a split level")... I need to drop in some blocks along the wall to support the edges of the subfloor patches... do they need to be 2x8's as well, or can I get by with something smaller since they aren't structural just supportive?

2) What's the best way to support the blocking? Should I use big old joist hangers, or is there some magic framing component I missed last time I was at the store?

3) Assuming I have 1/2" (maybe 15/32"?) plywood as the subfloor... can I / what do I need to do to beef it up to support tile? I know backer board does provide any rigidity, so I'm guessing I need another layer of plywood... but what thickness?


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One of the things that drives the floor stiffness is how large a tile you want to use.

The span of the joists from support to support lengthwise determines how stiff they will be.

The thickness and material of the subfloor and the center to center joist spacing determines how stiff it will be.

Tile floors demand more than minimum stiffness (1.360 of span deflection) to not develop cracks.
Larger tiles (or stone) demand even more stiffness.

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