pagemill 3.0 & upload to server errors..huh?

Joanne_57March 8, 2002

Ok I now have installed adobe pagemill 3.0 to create my web site,(on windows98 & microsoft internet)

I only have a index.html page done just to test, but at

File>Upload>page (in pagemill)

it gives me grief. "the server name could not be resolved"?

& more errors at every try to rectify.

IPS gave me my 10mg web-space, attaching it to my Joanne_57 identity,which I created, a-ok. I know my password-confirmed it many times with ISP.

Does the site name need setting up at ISP level?

Anyone else deal with (Ontario Canada) ?

It's hard to get a 'teckie' on a phone line to touble-shoot, of course they have all gone home for the night/weekend & Saturday will bring the "I can take a message" ones.

I'm lost-in-space(call me billy mummy). Any help at all will be read & tried.

Thanks to you all!


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Some ISPs do require you to 'sign up' before you can FTP. I don't usually FTP directly from any program so I can't help you there. But the first time is the hardest, after you have everything set up right it should go easier.

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