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dcrowexMarch 10, 2004

Thanks for the help on my index files. I finally got that to work. I have all the images related to this site on the server, however, only the text shows. May I ask your advice again? I am so close on this. I know it is likely something simple again. Thank you so much! Here is the site - nothing but text and all the images are only little "x" marks. Deb

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This is the URL for your image:

This is what you have in your img src code:


If I use the top URL in an image source code I get this:

so it is a valid URL.

You can put the full URL in the img src code but as long as the image files are in the same directory as the html file you only need the image name in the img src code. Use the full URL for the image if the image is in a different directory from than the html file.

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When you use Word to create the HTML, it puts all of the images in their own folder(directory). It also writes the HTML code this way as well.

When you uploaded the images, you loaded them into the main directory. If you are using FTP, upload that whole folder named "webpage_files", that will give you the correct directory and your pictures should work without having to change the code.

If you aren't FTPing, but uploading each image seperately; First create a new directory and call it "webpage_files", then proceed to upload the images into that directory. Or it might be possible to move the files in the main directory to that new directory.

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