text but no pictures show on the web site

dcrowexMarch 26, 2004

You all have been so kind to help me in the past few weeks. i have uploaded some very premilinary info and am trying to get some pictures but all I have are the boxes with the "x" in the corner.I have made sure the images are copied in the file, but they are still not showing up. Here is the start of the web site - text but no pics. Can you tell what I am doing wrong? Thanks so much for any help.



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deb, your pictures are online but you didnh't put the file name in the photo address. If you will right click on where a photo should be and then click on properties, you will see that it gives the address for the page, not the graphic. The address should be the address that's there with the image file after the last / .

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Yes deb, you just need to add the name of the image on the end of your address.


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